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“After graduating from Alberta College of Art and Sheridan College, I found myself in a peculiar situation. Design agencies didn't know what to do with me – some had me on file as a designer, others as an illustrator. They all wanted to pigeon-hole me into one category or the other.

It would seem that it was almost unheard of – being both an illustrator and a graphic designer. I was urged to pick one discipline or the other, because I'd never find work doing both. Perhaps stubbornly, I started Palamar Graphics/Illustration Inc. to resolve this dilemma.

Having my own studio gave me creative license to fully develop my expertise as a designer and an illustrator, working with clients and agencies that recognized the value of someone with both perspectives. Eighteen years later, I've been involved with an incredible variety of graphic design and illustration projects for a multitude of clients. This variety has helped keep me sharp, driven, and excited for each new opportunity, and it's been a blast!!!

My clients depend on me to understand their needs and goals and translate them into illustrations and completed concepts for print or electronic display. First-time clients will sometimes work very closely with me, while established clients often turn their entire project over to me to run with, from initial concepts to final delivery.

Either way, I ensure each client's complete satisfaction, and this has been the key to my success since day one. Thanks to all my clients for helping me prove that there was a place in the industry for a designer illustrator!”

                                                                                                                                                        Kenton Palamar, Palamar Graphics/Illustration Inc.

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